Social media is essential and magical when it comes to getting out the word about your crowdfunding campaign. After all, built into each platform is some serious amplification alchemy which, when correctly invoked, can help you reach outside your network to conjure up contributions and hit, or even exceed, your crowdfunding goals.

Of course we’ve all heard the tales of incredible successes (or conversely, staggering demolitions) from one celebrity tweet, but we’re not talking Kardashian-level influence here. If you have six-figures available to pay for that kind of mega-exposure, you wouldn’t be crowdfunding to begin with.

And in fact, you likely have no budget at all to pay an influencer to share the story of your campaign—but that doesn’t mean there are zero options for you to enlist assistance.

Zero in on Micro-influencers

A micro-influencer is someone with a relatively small social media following (1,000 – 10,000). They also tend to have rich, authentic connections with their community, and can be motivated by incentives vs. wads of cash.

In fact, these potential evangelists may very well be willing to collaborate with you in order to get more exposure by engaging with your network. And, of course, these content creators are always looking for fresh ways to entice their audience with cool and interesting new projects that are aligned with their passions and proclivities.

Here are four ways to tap into the mega-power of micro-influencers in order to reach beyond your network and grow support for your crowdfunding campaign:

1) Find the micro-influencers in your midst.

Take a look at your own social channels. Who likes, shares and engages with you the most? And where do they wield the most influence? If your cousin has thousands of followers on Facebook, be sure to ask her to post about your campaign, as well as engage with your posts.

2) Hunt using hashtags.

On Instagram’s “Discover” tab, and Twitter’s search, you can use hashtags related to your crowdfunding campaign to find the people and publications that are talking about goings-on in your niche. You can also use a free tool like to find hashtags that are most relevant and popular that you may not have considered.

3) Use Google to find the right micro-blogs to cover your campaign.

A smart Google search can help you find bloggers with a small but loyal following in your niche. Look up the type of product or project you’re campaigning for plus the word “review,” or even search the name of your competitors to see who has covered them.

4) Reach out to the micro-influencers you follow.

Part of the fun of social media is to not just follow, but also interact with the people you like and admire, but don’t know personally. Make a list of those influencers whom you genuinely enjoy following, and would have genuine interest in your campaign. Don’t be afraid to dream big, because even a full-on influencer may be in reach. If you have naturally engaged over time with that person, all the better. Storyblaster’s template suggests specific days of your campaign to do this kind of outreach, and you can always add more.

Once you’ve found the right micro-influencers, contact each one with a short but compelling pitch that shows you’ve done your research about that person, frames your offering as something she or he must know about (and can try for free), and asks how you can get that person on board with helping spread the word about your crowdfunding campaign. Be sure to do it in an inviting, friendly, honest, respectful way, and you’ll increase your odds of getting a response—and a share, retweet, or other amplification of your crowdfunding campaign.

Pro tip: Be aware of how your micro-influencer wants to be contacted—most will state it in their social media bio (i.e. “DM me” or send an email to).

Micro-influencers can have a massive impact on the outcome of your campaign, so don’t be afraid to think “small.” While there’s no magic formula to growing your network, taking initiative and reaching out to others who are aligned with your interests may just be the wizardry you need to help ensure your crowdfunding campaign’s success.