I'm usually scratching my head trying to figure out what needs to be said on social

“Storyblaster acted as my social media manager and content manager at the same time. It really helped me explain what my project was about, varied in content, and kept it interesting.”

Skinner Miles
Director, Things of Beuty Burn

You definitely feel like you’ve added a whole team to your own

"Storyblaster was a super valuable tool for me. It gave me great content ideas and made it much easier to tell the story of my campaign while engaging with others. I was very thankful to have the guidance as I navigated how to get our message out through social media. "

Allen Wolf
Hooked, Seed&Spark

It's like having a business coach, a marketing coach, and a Facebook ad coach all in one for pennies!

“I can't believe how effective Storyblaster is. The new followers and likes I got from using the Audience Building template was like magic! I adore the templates and post suggestions that guide me every single day. It's total genius and makes marketing so fun and so much easier than what I've been trying to do for years. There isn't ANYTHING like Storyblaster and this has been the most helpful strategy I have ever used to build my business!"

Michelle White Hart
Sacred Feminine Visibility Coach

The built-in paid promotion helped me get over 10,000 followers

“I had zero followers on social media, and all my advertising attempts had failed. I started using Storyblaster’s Audience Building template and it not only gave me great content guidance, but also the built-in paid promotion helped me get over 10,000 followers on Facebook. My comic book is gaining popularity, and my new fans love my work. This would never have happened without using Storyblaster. I am so grateful I found it.”

Mister X
Fire Skull Maiden

Storyblaster should be the go-to tool

"Storyblaster's easy template told me what to say on each platform, when to say it, and helped me easily promote without having to learn digital ad strategy. It made my campaign easier to manage and effectively communicate my vision all the way across the finish line.

Jessica Kelly
Founder/CEO, Thr3efold


Using Storyblaster not only allowed us to reach our goal, but to surpass it!

“Storyblaster was an indispensable tool during our crowdfunding campaign. The app gave us the peace of mind that our campaign had been mapped out and tailored to our needs. It was easy to use, and a huge help. I highly, highly recommend Storyblaster for any crowdfunding campaign!”

Courtney Therond
Comedic Timing Series/Seed&Spark

Storyblaster is the ONLY reason I was able to reach my goal for my crowdfunding campaign on a small budget.

"The super easy social media post templates, and the pre-scheduling for all of my channels saved me so much time. The recommendations of when to pay for ads was also super helpful and the ROAS on those ads was the best of any service that I used during our campaign. Totally use Storyblaster if you're serious about meeting your goal.”

Ruth Rau
Mouse Loves Pig, iFundWomen

I was really surprised at the amount of donations we received for our campaign compared to the amount of budget I spent on paid promotion with the tool

"When I first heard about Storyblaster, I was a bit skeptical as to whether it could help us reach audiences via social media that I couldn't reach through our own organic and paid promotional efforts. Not only am I a believer now, but I was really surprised at the amount of donations we received for our campaign compared to the amount of budget I spent on paid promotion with the tool."

Sheri Candler
Social Media Manager, KCETLink Media Group

Using Storyblaster was like having my own personal crowdfunding marketing guru

"The template gave me so many good ideas I never would have thought of on my own. Where to post, when to post, what to say, which posts to promote—the Storyblaster template walked me through everything. Storyblaster takes the stress out of running a crowdfunding campaign. Even better, Storyblaster handled all the nuts and bolts of promotion—so I didn’t have to think about it. They helped turn small amounts of money spent on my end into significant contributions."

Janice Cook Newman
Creative Caffeine, Indiegogo

Storyblaster is the best social media tool out there

“I'm a tech entrepreneur with extremely little knowledge of marketing. But when it comes to raising capital, one needs to put a marketer's hat on. Storyblaster was that for us. The templatized posts were exemplary and provided our team with insights on how to effectively engage with our audience during all phases of our campaign. I highly recommend all entrepreneurs who are crowdfunding to give it a try!”

Janisha Anand
Founder, Outdoor Ninja, iFundWomen

Storyblaster greatly expanded our reach and created tremendous results.

"We knew there was an audience out there who wanted to support our efforts but had no clue how to find them. The approach is brilliant, the templates made it easy. We reached people—and got pledges from them—who in no way possible we could have touched without Storyblaster and got a whopping 14x return on our investment! Fantastic!"

David Campt
White Ally Toolkit/Kickstarter

Storyblaster saved our campaign!

“The contributions it got us were off the charts, and we exceeded our goal without hiring an agency. Storyblaster is the best thing we never knew we needed! I recommend it to anyone planning a crowdfunding campaign—you'll meet your new best friend!”

Mariana Thome
Scab Vendor Documentary, Seed&Spark

Storyblaster is the best thing we never knew we needed!

"Storyblaster is an amazing resource that provides a foundation, structure, and support to crowdfunding campaigns. It helped to point us in the right direction so that we never felt like we were spinning our wheels or chasing phantoms, and gave us clear and precise instructions on how to build out all our social posts in a linear timeline, and then monitor the campaign success in real time.”

Dave Kabbe
Scorched Earth, Seed&Spark

Thank you Storyblaster, for making our campaign a success.

"Storyblaster provided a really, really useful template to give us an idea of when we should be posting, what kind of posts we should be doing, and most of all, the promoted posts through Storyblaster were super, super effective. They got those promoted posts out to the people who actually clicked the link and ended up contributing."

Lou Aquiler
Oil Barons, Indiegogo

Expert targeting to get unique contributors we would never be able to reach

"If there is a way to make fundraising easier it's Storyblaster. With only a week left in our campaign, Storyblaster organized, promoted and focused our social media push to get us over the finish line. Storyblaster streamlined our social media and boosted our Facebook posts with expert targeting to get unique contributors we would never be able to reach. I wish I had found it sooner!"

Charlene Fisk
Limerence, Kickstarter

Storyblaster made an impressive impact on our Indiegogo campaign

"As a small team, we were in need of a platform that would provide directional, strategic and innovative content and advertising Storyblaster did just that! It provided our campaign with additional conversions and made helpful campaign suggestions outside of our crowdfunding knowledge We're looking forward to working with it again!"

Kelley Stagnaro
Brand Manager, Lalabu, Indiegogo

Storyblaster outperformed its top competitors with whom we were also engaging

"Storyblaster is hands down the most innovative, disruptive and effective resource when it comes to digital marketing in the crowdfunding realm. This platform sparks creativity, enabling you to run your campaign while establishing a personal, conversion-focused social and paid advertising presence."

Lauren Carter
Gaard One/Indiegogo

Storyblaster played a pivotal role in achieving and surpassing our crowdfunding goal

"The narrative cues were spot on, giving guidance on quality posts. Storyblaster was in the trenches with us, a power player in our success.”

J'Arnay Taper
King Ester web series, Seed&Spark

Storyblaster helped us exceed our goal, and then our stretch goal!

“Storyblaster helped us exceed our goal, and then our stretch goal! They did it by demystifying Kickstarter, helping us to know which parts of our story to tell when, and helping us understand how to navigate the use of promoting posts. We love Storyblaster and wouldn’t think of doing our next campaign without them!”

Beth Lapides
Uncabaret, Kickstarter