Many of us depend on fundraising to ensure the causes we care about receive necessary financial support. In the digital age, there are more opportunities for both individuals and organizations to boost their fundraising efforts. Thanks to the prominence of crowdfunding, you can easily share your cause with a wider audience in the hopes that you’ll go viral and exceed your fundraising target in the process.

The problem? In many cases, things don’t go as planned.
Statistics show that while crowdfunding is more popular than ever — and campaigns are earning substantially more money than in the past — less than one-third of crowdfunding campaigns actually reach their monetary goals. In other words, the majority of crowdfunding efforts fail and fundraising efforts, particularly nonprofit fundraising efforts, all too often have trouble hitting their goals on a consistent basis.

That may be because a lot of people assume that simply creating a campaign and sharing updates will be enough to get the donations pouring in. But successful fundraising involves the development of a cohesive strategy. A nonprofit fundraising plan needs to have a personalized punch, the capability to engage with a growing audience, and a way to promote the cause to those outside of your own network.

We’ve found a way to take fundraising for nonprofits to the next level.
Using Storyblaster’s ingenious social media campaign software, you can tell your story in a way that’s designed to engage users and convince them that you’re worthy of their contributions. With automatic publishing features, you can execute your nonprofit fundraising strategy with ease and interact with users on multiple social media platforms — thereby helping you to make connections with donors and solidify your branding. And with so many ways to promote your campaign, you’ll be able to substantially increase your reach and ensure that your crowdfunding efforts will be noticed and rewarded.

There are so many worthy causes out there — but not all of them will get the recognition and the funding that they deserve. We’ve made it our mission to help those extraordinary fundraising ideas for nonprofit organizations succeed on a variety of crowdfunding platforms. Think of us as your behind-the-scenes support team, providing the guidance, automation, and promotion you need to make your online fundraiser an unrefuted success.

If you want yours to be one of the fundraising campaigns that hits (and even exceeds) its financial targets, you’ll need more than mere luck.

We’re here to develop a nonprofit fundraising plan that will allow you to give your cause a compelling voice and a means to increase your reach online. To learn more or to skyrocket your next fundraising campaign to success, get in touch with us today.