Facebook Ads are at the top of the Effective Marketing totem pole, and utilizing them is only going to help you grow your campaign like a flower in the sun. There are roughly 2.41 billion monthly active Facebook users, which means there are literally billions of eyeballs scrolling through their feeds, just jonesing for a cool brand to capture their imagination. 

Do those users actually buy what the most engaging brands are selling? The numbers don’t lie: 80% of young people say social media influences their shopping.

However, Facebook is an ever-changing, ever-evolving enigma of a platform. Just when you think you’ve nailed down the best practices, major changes come in and turn everything upside down, like a perfect storm of social media madness. 

For starters, Facebook’s latest algorithm change places more importance on “meaningful interactions.” The Ad space is no exception to this shift in social media exposure, either. That’s why we here at Storyblaster have created this handy guide: 7 Crazy Facebook Ad Changes You Need to Know for 2019.

Let’s get your brand ready for Facebook Advertising perfection!

#1 Augmented Reality Ads: The Future Is Now

Facebook Augmented Reality Ads Are HERE!

What is “reality” anyway, man? Facebook has decided to blow our collective minds by implementing Augmented Reality ads. Sure, they look like regular ads, but click the call to action (“click here to try”) and the user gets to see themselves wearing or experiencing your product.

Michael Kors was the first brand to try this, allowing users to try on cool sunglasses via their selfies. Within Messenger, fans of Nike could interact with an augmented reality ad and buy their favorite shoes directly through the Facebook app. The results? Nike sold out of the promoted shoes within an hour.

This technology is in its infancy, but it will be amazing to see how the lines between augmented and actual reality begin to blur, and how this will affect both sales and overall user experience.

#2 Facebook Ad Stories: Keep it Cute

Facebook Ad Stories Are A New FB Ad Option for Social Media Marketing

Borrowing from their buddies over at Instagram, Facebook has imported the art of the Ad Story. They’re pretty much the same as their IG counterpart, including the option to add direct links within the story.

What does that mean for you and your brand? You can direct your audience back to your website, Etsy shop, Kickstarter, ticketing site, or wherever you’d like them to go support your brand. In fact, Facebook Ad Stories have a 46% higher click-through rate (CTR) than standard ads, so your audience is very likely to engage and heed your call to action. 

Pro-tip #1: Make sure you’re creating content specifically meant for Facebook Ad Stories.  Posting the same images from your feed looks unprofessional and (possibly worse) not pretty. If you want to be the belle of the Ad Stories ball, make an effort to create aesthetically gorgeous images for your story. Add links! Add buttons! Have fun! Just don’t be boring.

Pro-tip #2: Make sure you’re keeping an eye on your Facebook analytics. Posting too many stories can lead to audience fatigue (evidenced by high exit rates), and posting too little means you’re missing out on prime audience engagement opportunities.

#3 Try Before You Buy: Ready Player One

Facebook Gaming Ads: Try Before You Buy!

Everyone and their dog, their mom, and their mom’s dog loves Facebook games. Now, Facebook is allowing gaming ads to make their products playable. You can actually try out the game before you buy it. The try-before-you-buy model works for companies like Netflix and Spotify, so it makes sense that gaming companies would want in on this as well.

The numbers are backing up their hunch: users that installed a game via playable ads opened the app 60% more often and were 6x more likely to make an in-app purchase than people who installed through other ads for the same apps.

#4 Targeted Organic Posts: Bullseye

Facebook Ad Changes: Targeted Organic Posts

If your page has more than 10,000 fans, you can create unique content that is shared only with those with the Top Fan badge. This is a pretty brilliant way to increase your organic engagements on Facebook. It serves as an incentive for your Facebook audience to become Top Fans, and it’s also an amazing way to engage with users who are already super into your brand.

It’s much easier to engage with and cater to an audience when you know they’re already excited about what you have to share. People love feeling special, and what better way to reward them for their loyalty than with awesome content just for them?

Think of it as a handmade Valentine for the users you love— and who love you back.

#5 Regulated Health Ads: Buh-Bye Magic Pills

Major Facebook Ad Change Ahead: 'Health Claims' Advertising Regulation

Facebook has given us many wonderful things, but it has also given a platform to fake news (thanks, Cambridge Analytica) and health advertisements that promote solutions that aren’t vetted to work. Snake oil salesmen touting miracle elixirs are not just an adorable Victorian stereotype, which is why Facebook is cracking down on health ads. 

Facebook does this by targeting key phrases used in these ads, and then hits them where it hurts: the algorithm. Thus they reach less people, thus they make less money, thus Facebook becomes a safer and more trustworthy place.

#6 Dynamic Ads: Dyn-o-myte!

New Facebook Dynamic Product Ads Make Life Easier for Marketing Your Products

With Dynamic Ads, brands can use data-driven templates to reach users who have already shown an interest. You can upload your product catalog, segment your audience, choose your demographics, and pick your goals. Then it’s time to create your ad, and boom— watch the magic happen.

It’s great for retargeting to increase sales conversions, like when people check out a product but don’t buy it. You already know they’re interested, they just need a little push. That’s what Dynamic Ads are all about: leading potential buyers to the products they forgot they needed.

#7 Segments are Sensational: RIP Keywords

Audience Segmentation for Facebook Ads is taking over the Oldschool Keyword Method

This is less of a direct change and more of a trend. Common knowledge says keywords are king for paid search, and that they lead the horses (users) to water (your business). Times they are a-changin’, and the way to a horses’ heart is no longer through keywords.

Segments are in, baby.

With big data, you can segment your audience into as many different demographics as makes sense for your brand. That way, you’re targeting people with more genuine, specific messaging than the classic “if you like [this] you’ll love [this]!” 

When your brand tells engaging social media stories to the right segment, at the right time, you’re bound to experience amazing social media growth, the right way!

Don’t Doubt The Secret Power of Facebook Advertising

As the Facebook landscape continues to change, grow, and evolve into a more individualized space, Facebook ads will also mature. Facebook ads are a very powerful means in which brands can truly reach their customers on a very personal basis. Don’t underestimate their power, and remain current with Facebook Ad developments so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Now you are armed with the knowledge you need to effectively utilize paid ads on Facebook. If knowledge is power, you’re basically in She-Ra/He-Man territory now.

You are a marketing superhero. So go out there and save the world from ineffective Facebook ads, and be the change you want to see!